Software Developer

I am a Software Developer in Fort Lauderdale, FL with 8 years of experience building websites, web applications, mobile applications, and business systems. I enjoy working on both the frontend and backend. 

When I am not coding, I enjoy time with my family and watching sports. Email me, or find me on GitHub and Twitter

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A strong foundation is the reason a website succeeds or fails. I follow strong Object Oriented Principles, like SOLID and TDD in order to ensure the work is easy to work with and optimized.

By assuring the code is easy to work with you cut downtime in fixing bugs and adding new features. Also, if you are working with a team it ensures that the entire team of  Software Developers can work more efficiently and save money, by getting things done faster.




For the first 3 years of my career I was a front end developer using HTML5, CSS3, XML, and Javascript. Until today, I love working on websites without using many libraries. I always try to keep the assets and scripts to a minimum in order to improve the speed and usability of the website. 

Mobile-first. This is how most people view Websites today, and by building mobile-first, I am able to create designs that are simple, yet engaging in order to accomplish the goal of the website. All websites I create are responsive. It ensures the website responds to the device you have. 

Good user experience lowers costs, improves customer retention, increases productivity, reduces development time, it's a competitive advantage. I continue to learn and test different user experiences in order to provide the best results. In order to achieve this, I use reactive Javascript with Vue and React frameworks. 

Along with excellent user experience, Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website will stand out amongst others and rank higher on search engine searches. This is important if you want to be found. The collection of good frontend practices and an optimized backend provides an advantage that not many have.